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March 29th at Sherwood Oak
Ameilia: The Musical

From the distant hills of Pittsburgh comes...
The Musical!

By The Fancy Romancers
Written by Teresa Martuccio
With live music by the Abysmals

March 29 • 8pm • Sherwood Oak
5027 Beaumont Ave

$7-$10 suggested, with no one turned away.

Ever wondered what really happened to Amelia Earhart? Find out through catchy songs, dances, a journey to a magical junk shop, and of course, mermaids. An unconventional romance! A silly obsession that takes a dream turn when Pearl's friend Vern shows her something that changes the course of her destiny! Dreams come true, and mysteries reveal themselves.

Don't miss this one-night-only stop in Philly! An 18-person cast! A revolving stage! Live music! Relevant Drinks! And REAL LIVE MERMAIDS!

Show starts at 8pm sharp! Family friendly! See you there!

Throughout 2014 in a Bedroom Near You
Mason Rosenthal, "Nobody's Home"
Above: Mason Rosenthal in "Nobody's Home"
One of the many stars of "Nobody's Home"

The Medium Theatre Company presents
Nobody's Home
an original solo performance
by Mason Rosenthal and
Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews

Click here for times, locations
and to reserve tickets

A mysterious voice, a shadowy owl, platters of strange fruit, surprise special guests, hot oil massages, and a coyote all become bedfellows in Nobody's Home, a multi-sensory meditation on the nature of nothing, performed for extraordinary audiences in ordinary bedrooms.

Nobody's Home is an original piece of theatrical performance created by Mason Rosenthal and Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews of the Medium Theatre Company. This interactive one-man variety show stars a personality named Nobody, played by Mason, who serves the audience guided meditations, hand-shadow fables, foot rubs, sweet tea and snacks until his harmonious world gets poked at by birds and beast from the past. In 2013 Nobody debuted at the SoLow Festival and has since visited Haverford College, spent Thanksgiving entertaining families in Chicago, and traveled down to the New Orleans Fringe Festival where audiences experienced the show onboard an RV as "Nobody's Mobile Home." Nobody now returns to Philly for a week of shows in seven different homes before visiting Providnece, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York and New Jersey.

LIMITED SEATING—Reserve tickets at the Medium Theatre Company's website. Follow this link to see a complete list of locations and times.

Below is a list of recently past Puppet Uprising events. For earlier years, visit our archive.
December 6th and 7th at the Rotunda
Valeska Populoh performing "The Garment Worker's Tale"
Above: "The Garment Worker's Tale"
performed by Valeska Populoh
Below: The Medium Theatre Company
Bottom: The Great Quentini's teeny alter-ego
Mason Rosenthal and Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews as Victor the Wild Boy and P.T. Smilgrim
The Great Quentini's teeny counterpart

The 14th Annual
Year-End Cabaret
& Cheap Art Bazaar

with performers from Philly, Baltimore and Vermont

Friday & Saturday Dec 6 & 7, 2013
at the Rotunda • 4014 Walnut Street
Cheap Art at 7:30 • Cabaret at 8:00
Free Admission • Donations Loved

Every winter Puppet Uprising reflects on the past and forecasts the future at theYear-End Cabaret, a cavalcade of visual and stage artists making movement, music and mischief with puppets and other performing objects. This year we've culled collaborators from up and down the East Coast for two nights of fun at the Rotunda in West Philly.

The Cause Company (Baltimore puppeteer Valeska Populoh with composer/musician Jonah Beram) stitches together tabletop histories, photographs, songs and sounds from 19th century immigrant textile workers in “The Garment Worker’s Tale”.

Vermont-based artist/musician Jonas Fricke appears as one-man-radical-courage-band "If Not I Than Who Then?" With drumset poetics and loop pedal in tow, Jonas manifests a magical mix of futuristic dance beats as a backdrop for old-timey painted banner shows.

Members of the Medium Theatre Company (Mason Rosenthal with Puppet Uprising M.C. Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews) pit the smarts civilized man against the untamed antics of a feral child in their extremely scientific demonstration, “Nature vs. Nurture”.

Philly artists Jen Brown and Alice Yorke each make their Uprising debuts with new solo works. Also appearing are the marionettes of Michael Lamison (from Baltimore’s Black Cherry Puppet Theatre), a short clown piece by Donna Oblongata, and our annual encounter with the Great Quentini in his man-vs-McDonalds tirade, "Caught in the Headlights".

Cabaret starts at 8:00pm, but do come early to reserve your seat and to check out the Cheap Art Bazaar! Need more info? Call: 267-909-2633.

June 22nd 2013 at Studio 34

7-Person Chair Pyramid High-Wire Act

7-Person Chair Pyramid High-Wire Act


Providence to Philly
Toy Theater Tour
plus music by Joshua Marcus

Saturday • June 22nd • 8pm
at Studio 34 Yoga|Healing|Arts
4722 Baltimore Ave. W. Philly
$5-$15 donation requested

COME ON UP for a musical evening of toy theater and mutual aid from Philly ex-pats Beth Nixon, Joshua Marcus and Erik Ruin, on tour with Bread & Puppet's Maryann Colella. Our friends come back on the coattails of their performance at Great Small Works International Toy Theater Festival. Here's what you'll see in this world-class evening of puppetry and music:

LAVA FOSSIL by Ramshackle Enterprises is Beth Nixon's new suitcase theater baloon ride about a dad, a crab, the secret life of eel grass, an ash-encrusted visitor from Pompeii, and how to measure grief with a ruler. Where do things go when they are gone? Perhaps the obligatory dentist can clue us in.

ONE TOUCH OF NATURE MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD KIN is Erik Ruin's new table-top show made with Maryann Colella concerning disasters and acts of mutual aid which arise in their wake. Using lavish silk-screened graphics, toy instruments, tape-deck sound effects and text from Rebecca Solnit's book A Paradise Built In Hell, the show highlights the Halifax disaster of 1917—the largest man-made explosion before the invention of the atom bomb.

PLUS a fabulous CHEAP ART BAZAAR and some sweet songs from the one & only JOSHUA MARCUS on banjo, ukelele and concertina!

STUDIO 34 is air-conditioned and located on the 2nd floor at 4522 Baltimore Ave., right on the #34 trolley line. For more info, call 215-387-3434.

February 5th 2013 at the Rotunda
Flying Donkey Cabaret  

Flying Donkey
Puppet Theatre
String Band & Cheap Art
Tuesday • February 5th • 8pm
The Rotunda • 4014 Walnut St.
West Philadelphia
$5-$10 donation requested

The Flying Donkeys are back! And this time they bring their very own cabaret, chock full of toy theatre trickery, duct-taped string and brass music, singing picture shows, and some old wise ventriloquism thrown out for good measure. If you saw them this past December at the Year-End Cabaret, or back in 2011 at Studio 34, or only in your most fanstastical of homemade dreams, then you know that there are few better ways to spend a Tuesday evening. Also, come early to check out the Flying Donkeys' Cheap Art Bazaar and take a piece of the show home with you.

This top-notch group of touring puppeteers (Jason Hicks, Lindsey McCaw, Penelope Hillfraü and Sam Wilson) have over a decade of show-making and scheming under their belts, having all worked independently and with the Bread & Puppet Theater (VT), the Dolly Wagglers (WI), BareBones Productions (MN), Paperhand Puppet Intervention (NC) In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (MN), RPM Puppet Conspiracy (NC, VT), El Circo de Carton (Mexico), Partòt Parata and Fest-Festival (Italy), All the Saints Theatre Company (VA) and Great Small Works (NYC).

December 5th 2012 at Studio 34
Don't Take it Lightly  

Lost Dog Productions


Don’t Take It

So Lightly

(a short play)


Wednesday • December 5th • 8pm
Studio 34 • 4522 Baltimore Ave

(donations requested)

Celebrate the end of 2012 (and the world) with Montana-based theater troupe Lost Dog Productions and their play Don't Take it So Lightly. This hilarious hour-long two-man show pits a pair of maladroit scientists into analyzing the virtue of existence while simultaneously attempting to save humanity as the end of the planet draws nigh. What on earth will happen? Come find out before it's too late!

3/22nd & 6/7 2013 at Beaumont Warehouse

7-Person Chair Pyramid High-Wire Act


Der Vorführeffekt Theatre
presents an encore presentation:

The 7-Person
Chair Pyramid
High-Wire Act
Preceded by a short piece
from PuppaTyranny!

Friday • June 7th • 8pm
5027 Beaumont Ave. W. Philly
$5-$10 donation requested

In the wilds of Siberia, Charles Darwin goes in search of the Yeti. The Yeti (if she exists) enters a radio station's dance contest. The radio station's electromagnetic spectrum has won the affections of a little brown bat. Meanwhile, Siberia's caves are home to a secretive tribe of blind ropemakers—but their disintegrating family structure may cause their ancient craft to be lost forever. Through the lens of the real life allegory of the Flying Wallendas' famous high-wire act, two performers on a tiny stage unfold Darwin's laboratory, unfurl anatomic diagrams of the yeti, and try to tease out the difference between miracles and non-miracles.

After its standing-room-only debut in March, The 7-Person Chair Pyramid High-Wire Act returns to Philly for just one evening! Written by Donna Oblongata (member of The Missoula Oblongata, Wham City, and producer/director of the 2012 production Less Miserable), co-designed and performed with Patrick Costello (visual artist extraordinaire and also a star of Less Miserable and "Rabbit"), directed by Sarah Lowry (also an Oblongatan). Come early to hear music from Chenda Cope and friends!

Nov 30th & Dec 1st 2012 at the Rotunda
The Medium Theatre Comapny The Medium Theatre Company,
mask created by Ryan Kelly.


The 13th Annual
Year-End Cabaret
& Cheap Art Bazaar


If we've done our math correctly, the last day of November and the first of December will be Puppet Uprising's 13th Annual Year-End Cabaret and Cheap Art Bazaar. We've culled together the best stuff we've seen and heard this year—like the cross-dressing Spanish love songs of UPHOLSTERY CON PAPOS, cardboard romances by Vermont's own FLYING DONKEY PUPPET TROUPE, a disembodied meditation by the MEDIUM THEATRE COMPANY, the interplanetary antics of BUJEE MAGOO, and an annual visit from alien instrument-maker the GREAT QUENTINI and his entourage of swamp creatures. Also, in the spirit of Puppet Uprising's radical roots, FRACKY THE CLOWN comments on local politics, artists from RACHEL SCHRAGIS comes down from NYC with a piece reflecting her experience with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sandy, members and friends of the MISSOULA OBLONGATA will regale us with picture and song, and New Orleanean hula-hooper extraordinaire MARY-GO-ROUND invites you to try your hand at a life-size game of ring-toss.


Come early to check out the CHEAP ART BAZAAR, with prints, paintings, postcards, calendars, jewelry and more from the touring artists and locals too.

Got questions? Call 267-909-2633 for info about Puppet Uprising.
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